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What did I get myself into this time? Absolute Yoga Amsterdam challenged me and I said yes.

When an email hit my mailbox asking me if I wanted to participate in their 21 Day Challenge, starting June 1, my first (honest) thought was no. Why? …Well a few years back I was really into Bikram Yoga, but then this one time I fainted and I got scared. I decided on doing non-hot yoga from then on. About two weeks ago I first tried out a Hot A 60 Yoga class at Absolute Yoga and I loved it there. There were no strict rules, which was something I need in order to let go and not be scared. If I wanted to drink; I could. If I would want to leave; I was able. Not that I wanted to do any of those things, but the fact that I was free in deciding for myself helped me a lot.


So when I received this email my first thought was no, but then I thought some more about it and discussed the challenge with my friends and boyfriend. I figured this challenge wasn’t really a physical one for me (I workout a lot); it is a mental challenge. Before even starting the challenge, one of their teachers already taught me a lesson. During my conversation over there discussing my participation in the challenge, she told me that: “Yoga isn’t always about being better or giving 100%, but you can also have a great practice at 60%. Just let your body tell you what it needs.” 

She hit it right on the spot. I find letting things go difficult. If I want something, I go for it; 100%. So besides losing my fear of fainting I really hope that I can grow mentally. The key is just going and seeing what the practice will bring me this time.


YOGA CHALLENGE, Absolute Yoga Amsterdam, Absolute Yoga, Radish to wear, Hot Yoga



So what is this challenge exactly? Well that’s simple: for 21 days in a row I will join at least one hot yoga class at Absolute Yoga. This lovely yoga School offers lots of different yoga classes, for instance HOT A 90/60, which is a class of 90 minutes -or 60 minutes- consisting of 50 classic hatha yoga poses (the 60 minutes class offers a more condensed version), Hot Pilates, Hot Flow Yoga and Hot B 90/60, which is the Classic Hot Yoga series of 90 minutes consisting of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercisesAll the hot yoga classes are practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius. There are about ten classes a day and the first one starts really early. So there is a lot to choose from :).

Ever thought about joining a Challenge like this one? You can still sign up at the counter of Absolute Yoga Amsterdam. If you don’t live in Amsterdam just check if a yoga school in your area offers a similar challenge or just simply start your own :).

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