Tested: 21 days of Hot Yoga


Another challenge down! This time the 21-day hot yoga challenge. I’m over the moon.

Two days after finishing my detox, I finished my very first yoga challenge. This challenge consisted of participating in one Hot Yoga class everyday for 21 days in a row. This might seem easy, but it wasn’t I tell you that.

My first ten days were the most challenging, but it wasn’t as much a physical challenge as it was a mental challenge. The first ten days I struggled during my classes, because I kept overthinking them. Sometimes I’d catch myself counting the postures and stressing out about some postures that I couldn’t do the way I thought they had to be done. I’m kind of a goal digger, so during my first days of practice I would beat myself up for falling out of focus or being incapable of doing some poses because I wasn’t flexible enough. It took some time (…at least ten classes) before I noticed that yoga doesn’t have anything to do with being super flexible, but has everything to do with relaxation and breathing correctly. More details day by day over here.

If you do a pose in a way you are still able to breath in a nice and easy way, then you are practicing at your own level. If you are doing it too intensely you notice you start holding your breath. At least that is what I noticed happening to me. Focusing on my breath helped me to (finally) get the relaxation I was hoping to get out of yoga. Plus the flexibility-thing got better day- by-day, especially when I started to listen to my body.

Will I continue practicing hot yoga? I think so, but NOT everyday. I also like to practice non-hot yoga and going to the gym, so I think I’ll mix those up a little. Get the best out of both :).

O! Last thing; I would love to thank Absolute Yoga Amsterdam. I had the best time over there and I will be back for sure. Love the sophistication and atmosphere of the school and their amazingly skilled teachers. Everyone was just so, so sweet. Check them out on





‘Falling out of the posture… :p…’


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    June 25, 2015 at 6:26 am

    I love the look you wear to do yoga! I always sport in sweaters haha!

    Xx Nora /

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