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How to get inspiration for a blogpost

Everyone has those moments where they lack inspiration; creativity and they just don’t know what to do with themselves. I had this problem a few days ago myself, but luckily I have a bunch of ways to get fresh inspiration.…

As a blogger I went through a few ‘stages’, that I think a lot of my fellow bloggers can relate to. Thought it would be funny to share a list of the 5 stages every blogger goes through ;). Hope you like it! STAGE 1: ‘Ok. I’m online. Now what?’ The moment when your website is finally online and you realize you don’t even know what your next big step is! At first I thought I had to write about what I ‘thought’ people wanted to read from my hands. And since I’m really into health and all… I started out as a food blogger! Although I really like to cook and love to create healthy and nutritious meals, it’s not my main interest. I really like showing you my outfits more than I do the foodie-stuff. The funny thing is, is that ever since I’ve changed my focus, my followers on Instagram have been growing so fast! So if you’re thinking about starting your own blog I would love for you to take some time to think about what it is you’d like to write about. More tips over here. STAGE 2: Omg! My first comment. The moment when you get your very first comment …and realize it was your mum. Haha, yep at first it’s probably just your mum and your close friends who read your blog. But that’s ok! Just make sure to produce great content, update your socials, engage and a bigger audience will follow in time. More tips over here. STAGE 3: Am I REALLY invited to this event? You probably already know that you’re getting better and better at blogging, but when the moment arrives when you get invited to almost every hot event in and around town, you are (at least I was!) sort of flabbergasted. They say you get used to everything and that’s sort of true. Don’t be shy, because if people want you to come you are probably doing a great job! STAGE 4: Where’s the WIFI!! The moment when you realize there is no WiFi connection anywhere around and you absolutely can’t live without it. It doesn’t really help if you are already way over your monthly 4G either ;-). I’ve actually become such a internet junky that me and my boyfriend had to come up with ‘phone-free-zone-rules’. STAGE 5: ‘I follow you on Instagram’ The moment when people are recognizing you on the streets. Now, this only happened to me once before, but it felt like such an honor! This girl made my day I’m telling you. I was walking down the street when this girl was like: “Oh gosh I thought you were one of my friends so I was staring at you… but I follow you on Instagram. Love your blog btw!” – Oh. best moment ever.
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5 Stages every blogger goes through

As a blogger I went through a few ‘stages’, that I think a lot of my fellow bloggers can relate to. Thought it would be funny to share a list of the 5 stages every blogger goes through ;). Hope…

how to gain more followers on instagram
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Tips to gain more followers on Instagram

After you guys responded so great to my previous post with tips about blogging, I figured you might like another list of my personal tips! This time I’m sharing some info about my favorite social platform: Instagram. My own Instagram…