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Kitchen stories: banana pancakes

Morning guys. Figured it was time to share a little recipe. This pancake-dish only takes about ten minutes to prepare, so that’s just enough time to surprise your love with some breakfast in bed!…

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Breakfast Pizza

Yep, you ARE reading this. Pizza for breakfast. Yep, you ARE reading this. Pizza for breakfast. BY SOPHIE Yay! It's happening!! You are going to eat guilt-free pizza for breakfast. This recipe takes a little time but is perfect…

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Frozen Banana Popsicles with Chocolate

Hello summer! Well, not officially yet, but it sure feels like it. And with this kind of weather we need something to cool off a bit. I created this recipe with frozen bananas that are covered with chocolate, hemp seeds, coconut…

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Breakfast Food

Juice recipe: popeye

We all know that Popeye made himself super strong by eating spinach. So I figured: what works for him, works for me! Here is my favorite slowjuice recipe with spinach. Hope you love it! We all know that Popeye…