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Summer treat: Peachy Popsicles

If you’re currently in the Netherlands, just like me. You are going to need a treat to cool off a bit, because it is SO hot outside. Today happens to be your lucky day, because I have this amazing recipe for…

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Guilt Free Brownies

Invited for a little garden party I was asked to bring some food with me. What in the world was I going to make? I wanted to make something that anyone could enjoy. Then I thought about this brownie…

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Frozen Banana Popsicles with Chocolate

Hello summer! Well, not officially yet, but it sure feels like it. And with this kind of weather we need something to cool off a bit. I created this recipe with frozen bananas that are covered with chocolate, hemp seeds, coconut…

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Recipe: Chai Tea Latte

The best tea for wintertime is for sure chai tea latte. You can get it at numerous coffee places or you can purchase it in tea bag form or in a pack. But those last two never quite make the cut,…

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New: Inukshuk Frozen Superfoods

Latest discovery! New brand Inukshuk brings the best of Superfoods in frozen form for you and me to buy. Latest discovery! New brand Inukshuk brings the best of Superfoods in frozen form for you and me to buy. Inuk-shu... What? ...Inukshuk, meaning 'treasure…

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‘Peanut Butter’ Christmas Cookies

You are going to LOVE this easy and delicious recipe! These ‘healthy’ peanut butter cookies are without a doubt my favorite treat this season. They are made from delicious ingredients such as almond flour, coconut flakes, banana, nut butter… ehm;…