Here’s Why Online Dating Is the Best While in Quarantine

A growing number of people is now going to work from home – some in the view of self-isolation, some because of the transition to the remote places of their firms and companies. What is going on will certainly affect the organization of people’s lives later on – when everything begins to return to normal life as the epidemic declines. The quarantine is already affecting people’s relationships now.

The online industry is already starting to benefit from the self-isolation of people – tools for interacting over the network, from corporate messengers to video conferences and self-development lectures find far more users than before. But work and personal growth are only part of a person’s daily activity. People still seek ways to meet beautiful women, download dating apps and build plans to increase the activity of their love search during the quarantine. During the epidemic, society is beginning to change and so is the world of dating.

  • Why joint quarantining is hard for couples?

When people are together for a very long time in one small space, it is natural that they begin to annoy each other. Therefore, you need to give space so that a person can be on his own. You need to tune in the most polite partner mood in the relationship. During the global world catastrophe that people are today, when the majority of them are forced to stay in isolation, a person may have a depressive mood, feel useless, annoyed or lonely and abandoned even when the partner is just near them. In this case, it is important to consult a psychologist, because it is difficult to deal with this condition yourself or help your partner.

If you have been together for a long time, it is important to focus on what you agree with each other. Do more things that both of you enjoy and give each other as much personal space as you can. Sometimes, even if you agree to stay in separate rooms for the time of the quarantine, this is not what we want. People sometimes feel an urge to listen to the music they want loundly, walk around the home naked or just lie in the bed doing nothing. Alone. And even when you know that there is another person in the house, this can distract you.

  • How to save already existing relationships while in isolation?

If you start talking about those things that annoy you, topics you disagree on during this period, it can seem that you are generally different people, and it seems that it would be better if you part. By the way, after China canceled the quarantine, the divorce rate has increased rapidly! People stepped out of the two-weeks isolation with their beloved and not all of them passed the challenge saving their love.

But do not rush to break up. Instead, you can expand the circle of friends – even telephone conversations with friends will help people switch their attention from mutual complaints. The main thing is not to limit each other in this communication. The period of joint isolation should not be regarded as a punishment, but you can make it pleasant and useful for the development and strengthening of family relations. To devote more time and attention to intimate life, and also to learn new hobbies and skills together

  • Why is online dating the best during Corona-time?

Relations in the 21st century have become much more programmable because some segments of the relationship-building process have been automated, match services and the algorithms behind them, now made it possible to find partners without intensive communications. For this reason, people who at the time of the epidemy outbreak happened to be lonely do not experience any problems continuing their partner search. Everything they can think of – from simple conversation to real dating has switched online. Online cinema from Netflix with the feature of sharing the film for many devices and watching it is a translation, the video-calls and endless variety of other possibilities. What are some positive features of the online-dating?

There is surely a dating app to your taste

Such matching services include, for example, eHarmony, which opened in 2000; OkCupid – in 2004, Badoo – in 2006, Grindr and Tinder – in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

Simplicity of use

In order to register in a dating app, first, determine the self-description parameters and that of potential partners. After that, fix the parameters that you want to see with the potential partner. However, it is obvious that in the real world we are unlikely to find a person who meets all these criteria.

Further, the system carries out the search operation and gives a certain result, based on which you should build communication with a living person, although it is mediated by the interfaces and capabilities of the program.

Millions of matches

Thanks to the digital environment, human relationships have become more easily customizable, the communication space – at least online – has become more densely populated (look at the number of users in the most popular online services), and the distance between people has decreased to a few clicks. This means that we simultaneously communicate with a large number of partners of various types. However, various negative effects arise: the effect of hosting (when we ignore people who are directly in the act of communication with us) or, conversely, the effect of docking and stalking (when we are too close and use the availability of the other and information about him for not always positive purposes).

Online-dating breaks limits

It is now much easier to find any person, and, accordingly, the distance between the statuses has decreased. Therefore, you can find yourself in a situation of communication with a person whom you would never meet in real life or would not reach out to them because they are higher in status, career or respect.

You should remember, although, that social picture that we see in communication services (in other words, our local social online world) mainly includes those who are close to us for different identification reasons. Potentially, this means that as any kind of partner we choose are those people who are similar to us. On the one hand, there is an obvious presumption behind it that it is easier for people to find a common language if they have common beliefs. On the other hand, it greatly narrows the picture of the world and contradicts popular wisdom that the opposites attract.

  • How to transfer online relationships into reality

After the epidemy ends, you will face the necessity to meet in real life or move from one stage of communication to another. For example, when you are not just sending each other memes about the past Coronavirus or emojis in reaction to them, but you will want to go on a joint holiday, when the flights will be restores, or move together and try getting to know each other inside the daily routine limits. So, we have prepared a few tips for you on that:

Be prepared for disappointment

At the first meeting, virtual acquaintances often seem to each other less attractive than we expected. This was confirmed by a study conducted by psychologists from the University of Illinois. People tend to idealize a potential partner. They make assumptions based on information in the profile. But this data is not always true. But do not let this prevent you from continuing your acquaintance.

Be honest

Anonymity on the Internet has the effect of embellishing some details or keeping silent about something. Try to treat your profile on a dating site as a contract. Let the information about you be positive but realistic.

Do not jump to conclusions

Many use online dating to find the perfect partner. But they themselves do not know for sure which of the qualities listed by them will be attractive when meeting with a real person. Understand which features are really important for you and which are not of particular importance.

On the first date, go to the bar

You can have a drink on the first date so that you do not spend a lot of time and money and look at each other in awkward silence. Millennials consider an invitation to dinner at a restaurant as something out of date. Let everything be simple on the first date and you will save money for the second.

The Internet has made communication convenient and easy, but do not get carried away with virtuality. Only live communication will show if the potential partner has a chance to become real.

  • The drawbacks and pitfalls of online dating

The list of claims is long, and here are just a few of them: firstly, people lie to each other (for example, that they are free), which often leads to divorce, betrayal and other troubles. Secondly, dating sites also lie to you, because the algorithms for selecting supposedly suitable partners are not based on anything: there is no evidence that in life you will like a person who, like you, loves The Rolling Stones and sushi. So, use online instruments to help you but do not swipe just for fun or because you are bored. Dating apps have been designed for dating, so treat them seriously.