How to Be Less Awkward On The First Date: 10 Tips

A first date is always the most awkward time because you don’t have much to converse about yet. Still, you want to showcase only the most positive sides and hide the negative. How do you become less awkward and more confident on the first date, especially if you like this person?

Together with bebe mur com, we welcome you with a comprehensive guide on how to master the art of Dating:

1. Realize that you won’t die if the date goes wrong

The first date is just a date. You don’t have to be all cranky about it because if it is your person, they have to accept you with all quirks and weird things you do. Understand that a person who overlooks your normal behavior is not compatible with you in the first place.

2. Plan the date

If you don’t know what to do and what to say, it is ok to pre-schedule every step and follow it. Just like with an exam, the more detailed your plan is, is the easier it will be to pass the test. But then, still, understand that your first date is not a test and if you are a planner, try to take things lightly. Write down your questions, not answers.

3. Medication is okay while alcohol is not

If you are planning to get drunk or high just for the sake of a good date, it is a terrible idea. Realize that this person will not be you, you and you still have high chances to mess this up because people behave differently under the influence of substances. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or social anxiety, take your medication to relieve the symptoms.

4. Exaggerate your foolishness

If you are afraid of looking hilarious, write down some jokes or wear a funny outfit to diminish the importance of the following date. The more casual you will look, the easier it will be for you to open up.

5. Listen more if you are afraid to speak

If you don’t want to mess this up, ask more questions and then enjoy the person in front of you sharing their story. Not only will you understand them better, but you will also avoid uncomfortable pauses and a trembling voice.

6. Tell as it is

Confess to your date that you are feeling anxious and are afraid of being awkward. Since your number one fear is looking ridiculous, be faster than your fear. Say that you don’t handle first dates well and if the person in front of you is adequate and kind-hearted, they will understand and find it cute. Moreover, soon you will find out that your date is equally anxious and afraid of saying something wrong because we all are humans.

7. Bring them a present

A small gift will distract your date from noticing how fidgety you are. Show them that you came with the best regards and you take them seriously, even way too seriously for that matter. Not only will they appreciate your generosity, but you will also come across as a sincere person who cares about their date.

8. Avoid intimidating places

A comfort food place will be the best choice if you want to feel less anxious and awkward. If you are planning to impress your date with a high-end restaurant, be prepared for the fact that you might mix up all the cutlery and forget where the knife goes. By finding a comfortable place, you will decrease the chances of messing the date up.

9. Don’t feel like you are obliged to entertain your date

All in all, it’s not your responsibility to do all the emotional labor. Your date has to equally contribute and intuitively understand when you might be running out of questions. Don’t torture yourself by trying to be perfect because no one is.

10. Set realistic goals

Don’t expect a wedding after a first date or even a second meeting for that matter. Everyone has to be prepared for a small fail, and it is completely alright because this is why people go on dates.


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