This print unleashed the animal in me. I felt like a lioness.

The last few weeks we have been really experimenting with the photography for my blog. I really want my blog to have a bit more of a magazine look, without losing its touch of reality. To get more editorial looking pictures, the key is in finding the right setting and surroundings. Having the right backdrop can give a pic an instant effect. We found this setting nearby the beach in Cala Conta, Ibiza. We even had to climb a bit to reach it, but I’m so happy we did – given the result you’re looking at :). Anyways, let’s talk about this awesome brand I’m wearing, named: Afriek. Every item in their collection is unique and handcrafted by talented craftsmen in Central Africa. This brand only uses print fabrics from the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, which gives every garment a very authentic and unique look. I really love brands like these – and I’m so happy I can show you guys a brand that not everyone knows yet. So guys, what do you think of this outfit and pictures? Would love it if you left me a comment on here or on my IG-account, because I’m super curious :).

Pictures were shot with a Nikon D750. Separate post about my camera & lenses coming soon!