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10 Things that Might Ruin Your Wedding

The best way to ruin a wedding is, of course, to keep everything under control. Make sure that the manager checked your phonograms, took care of your guests, and be sure to negotiate arrangements with everyone else who works at the wedding. After all, how can you relax on such an important day: what if something goes wrong? Who else will check everything, if not you and your future spouse? If you do not want to drink sedatives instead of champagne at your wedding, trust the professionals!

In order for the wedding to become truly unforgettable and held “in the same breath” for the couple and guests, a whole team of “little dwarfs” usually works behind the scenes. The sole task of the newlyweds is to relax and enjoy that day to the fullest. But what circumstances not dependent on you can go wrong?

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Here’s Why Online Dating Is the Best While in Quarantine

A growing number of people is now going to work from home – some in the view of self-isolation, some because of the transition to the remote places of their firms and companies. What is going on will certainly affect the organization of people’s lives later on – when everything begins to return to normal life as the epidemic declines. The quarantine is already affecting people’s relationships now.

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FINALLY, I’m telling you there all there is to know about my trip to Ibiza with my fellow Dutch blog-babes! All thanks fly business class cheap!

We were fortunate to travel to Ibiza together with lingerie and lifestyle brand Sam Friday. We stayed in a lovely village named Santa Getrudis de Fruitera for a full week and we indulged in tons of activities arranged by Essential Ibiza, an organization that specializes in arranging VIP passes to clubs, hotels and lots of cool activities. We had two rental cars, from Sunny Cars, which helped us a lot to get around the island and it also left us with hilarious karaoke sing along-moments. If you followed me on Snapchat (@radishtowear) you probably had quite a few laughs at me ;). Anyways, Essential Ibiza took us to Atzaro, which is a beautiful hotel and spa where we were welcomed for lunch and a day at their spa. We did a bunch of shoots there, because the location is very breathtaking. We also had an awesome yoga class with Claudia Jones from the Wellness Source and indulged in acai bowls that were brought to our villa by Amazon. We ended our week with a club night at Pacha. Our time on the Island was simply amazing and I gained a bunch of new besties along the way ♥.

The other girls left on Sunday, while I stayed for four more days together with my boyfriend. Telling you more about that soon! Meanwhile I won’t be away from Ibiza that long, as I’m going back in July for something special ;). Stay tuned.

What do you think of the pictures and what are your plans this summer? Shop the Sam Friday bikini here.