Hi guys, I’ve teamed up with British brand Superdry and created this super detailed Amsterdam City Guide. I’m sharing the best street art we have, the most unique fusion place and where you can have the most insane party. After checking this out, you will definitely know how to live like a local in Amsterdam.

If I had to describe the personality of Amsterdam it has to be: youthful, dynamic and unconventional. As for our fashion, the locals have this laid-back style going on, which makes perfect sense, because most of them ride their bikes as a way to get around town. Locals also wear lots and lots of denim, therefore you could definitely say we are a denim city.

1. Best sight you could only find in Amsterdam

De 9 Straatjes – City Center

This hip district captures all of Amsterdam in just nine side streets. The cobbled roads are home to a variety of galleries, independent shops, and cafes. Spend an afternoon walking over the canals, window-shopping into the small boutiques, and sipping on strong coffee in the eateries.

2. Best street art

Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA)

These guys offer tours in Amsterdam with their main goal being; bringing locals and tourists together with the finest street art we have. Some people would expect a building, but instead they get a three and a half our walk. It’s the perfect way to get to know the city and the art.

3. Most unique fusion

De School – Amsterdam-West

This venue, housed in a school’s former bike storage, is most popular as a nightclub, but it is much more than just that. It is home to a variety of activities for just about anyone to enjoy: a restaurant for the hangry, an exhibition space for the artsy, a concert venue for the musicians, and even a gym for the fitties. De School’s diverse program makes it the best place to experience all of Amsterdam’s creative culture.

4. Best speakeasy

Pulitzer Bar – De 9 straatjes

This beautifully furnished bar is my favorite place to grab a drink with my boyfriend. The entire ambiance is timeless. The dim interior and antique furniture compliments their elegant drinks. Their Moscow Mule is intense but always a classic choice. I love drinking my cocktail and looking out the windows at passerbys on Keizersgracht.

5. Best live music venue

Paradiso – Leidseplein

Paradiso was originally a church, so the architecture gives this venue a unique atmosphere. The main hall is huge with tall ceilings, so nearly 1500 visitors can all dance side by side without feeling cramped. Many famous groups have performed here, and I even saw Fleetwood Mac there once.

6. Best place to party

Thuishaven – Amsterdam-West

Thuishaven is an outdoor space on the Western Harbor that hosts music festivals- rain or shine- in a circus tent. This concept was organized by a group of guys who believed there were no last-minute entertainment spaces that offered affordable concerts. Thus Thuishaven was born! The trapezes and lightup jellyfish add a nice touch, making the vibe feel like an underground circus.

7. Best cheap eat after a night out

Patat Oorlog (crispy fries with peanut sauce and mayonaise)

            Random street shops open late at night

I know, it’s a bizarre combo, but it works. With each bite, you get a bit of saltiness from the fries and a thick, sweet cream from the peanut butter and mayonaise. It’s the best remedy after a long night of dancing with girlfriends.



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