10 Things that Might Ruin Your Wedding

The best way to ruin a wedding is, of course, to keep everything under control. Make sure that the manager checked your phonograms, took care of your guests, and be sure to negotiate arrangements with everyone else who works at the wedding. After all, how can you relax on such an important day: what if something goes wrong? Who else will check everything, if not you and your future spouse? If you do not want to drink sedatives instead of champagne at your wedding, trust the professionals!

In order for the wedding to become truly unforgettable and held “in the same breath” for the couple and guests, a whole team of “little dwarfs” usually works behind the scenes. The sole task of the newlyweds is to relax and enjoy that day to the fullest. But what circumstances not dependent on you can go wrong?

  • How to independently organize a wedding celebration?

Before you start organizing the holiday, you need to think through your plan of action in detail, because rash decisions are fraught not only with frustrated nerves, but also with additional costs. We recommend that you create a checklist. Before you compile it, do not take any action, because any process consists of successive steps, rearrange one or two and the picture will begin to crumble.

Because many people start, for example, sending out invitations without approving the concept with the decorator. The checklist or a mood boards are needed to help you choose a palette, additional information about the wedding, a hashtag, and so on. To avoid studip mistakes like forgetting to include the wedding cake in the budget (and believe us, sometimes a wedding cake for 200 people can cost an arm and a leg), always make a draft of your future actions. As you can see, it helps you avoid additional questions from the guests and real financial damage.

Of course, one of the main questions that worries all couples is how not to overpay? An experienced organizer will always help you with this, because he not only knows how to make up the budget and optimize it, but also can advise truly trusted specialists, which will guarantee the result, and they, in turn, will offer services at completely different prices. Nevertheless, if you still continue your independent journey to an ideal wedding, you should prioritize when drawing up the budget, that is, highlight the main “must’s”. And in no case should you do the decor yourself!

  • Things that might ruin the greatest day of your life. Sounds intimidating? However, this is life and you cannot always predict what can go wrong. Even if you order a gluten-free, dairy-free and hypoallergenic cake to please all the guests, there may be people who do not love the cakes at all. So, you should not focus a lot on what others will think. But here are some other troubles you may face that can, unfortunately, spoil the general atmosphere of the celebration.

1. Someone comes with a guest who is not invited

If the invitations sais “1+ (you should come with a friend)”, there are probably reasons for this. Perhaps the couple wanted to invite only close friends and family members to celebrate a wedding in a small circle; maybe there is not enough room in the hall or the budget of the event is limited (just one additional guest can cost a round sum). So, when guests decide to take whoever they want with them – this can become a problem.

Solution: if guests feel uncomfortable going to the wedding alone, they should ask the bride or groom if there will be other guests at the wedding without a couple. And the newlyweds should understand the hint and possibly plan the seating so that people who came on their own sit with those who are also alone.

2. People continuously take pictures, text and upload photos to the social networks

The bride and groom allegedly spent countless hours discussing the details of the wedding to prepare an event that their friends and family would really enjoy. In addition, they hired a photographer, so guests should better leave the photography to professionals and enjoy the holiday. Even if the newlyweds come up with a hashtag, guests can use it to post something the day after the celebration.

Solution: of course, it’s worth taking a few pictures for Instagram, but only a few, for example, after the holiday against the backdrop of a stunning sunset.

3. Speaking out loudly

Everyone heard stories when the registrar in the registry office solemnly asked: “Is your desire to marry sincere, free and well thought out?” – and then the groom’s friend shouts: “No, don’t do it!”. Or at some solemn moment in the registry office or already in the restaurant you can hear inappropriate remarks of guests.

Solution: no one who has information about the bride or groom that can change their relationship, should ever voice it at the ceremony, this is not the time to expose. Any comments regarding the relationship should be made in private long before the ceremony. It’s better to put comments on all other occasions aside and do everything possible so that the bride and groom enjoy their holiday all day.

4. Poke a finger into the cake

Believe it or not, guests love to do this. And there is nothing funny here: only the catering staff and the groom and the bride can touch the main dishes of the festive table. In addition to the hygiene factor, one should also take into account the fact that wedding cakes are expensive, guestі should be patient and refrain from the temptation to try the icing (even when nobody is watching): the time will come and everyone will receive their piece.

Solution: it sounds ridiculous and you shouldn’t even talk about it, but if you can’t get closer to the wedding cake without touching it, don’t get close to the cake.

5. Somebody but the bride wears white

Even if it’s the middle of summer and this little white dress is the best thing in your wardrobe, don’t put it on, repeat it, don’t put white on someone else’s wedding! Except for the cases when the newlyweds choose white as the color of the wedding. Each bride is really looking forward to this day when she, like a fairytale princess, will be in the spotlight.

Solution: the safe colors are, for example, pink, yellow, purple, or other neutral tones, even black can look elegant but, most importantly, guests should stay away from white, ivory and other light shades.

6. Indecent toasts

The fact that everyone can take a microphone in their hands does not give them a reason to tell an indecent provocative story or list the ex-girlfriends of the groom. Also, this is not the right time for candid stories from the life of the bride.

Solution: all toasts should pass “the grandmother” test. If it’s not convenient for you to say such a toast to your grandmother, this speech is not suitable for a wedding toast.

7. Using a wedding to make easy relationships

Yes, that’s right, a wedding is a great place to meet those who also came without a couple: favorable romantic atmpsphere, food, beautiful outfits, but it would be obvious even to remind that guests should refrain from flirting with everyone and acting provocatively. This is the wedding of your friends and not a nightclub party! In other words, no indecent dancing, crimping with a cousin of the bride or brother of the groom. Spontaneous acquaintances are normal and no one forbids guests to have fun and spend time together but this interaction should not grow into making out and asking who can lend the keys to a car for a half an hour.

Solution: if the spark really flashed, the best decision would be to make an appointment or ask for a phone number for the later.

8. Drinking too much

The wedding of friends is just a celebration, not a student party: know your limits and respect decency. To appear a fool in front of everyone, stumbling at every step, and leave the holiday before it ends, because getting drunk – nobody wants to spoil the wedding and be remembered by all the guests like that, right?

Solution: drinks should be left for the bachelor or bridesmaid party. And on the wedding day itself, it is better to stay away from drinking strong alcohol as long as you can, wait till the last hours of the celebration.

9. Spilling something on the bride

This gorgeous white wedding dress, without a doubt, cost sa lot of money, and although there probably is no other reason for the bride to wear it again, the drink spilled on the wedding dress is still one of the most terrible “failures” the guest is capable of at the wedding.

Solution: approaching the bride, the guests should be careful with drinks that can stain her gorgeous outfit.

10. Demands to change the music

Most probably, the newlyweds have chosen it themseves. Anyways, guests should stay away from ordering any melodies because they can be associated with sad events in the life of a groom or a bride.

Solution: if guests were not asked to order their songs, they should keep silent about their musical preferences.