Get fit with ONEFIT

Get fit with one fit unlimited

Just recently I discovered OneFit, the new way for fitgirls (…and boys) to enjoy every type of sports without having to pay lots of money.

OneFit Unlimited is a membership that gives you unlimited access to about 1700 classes in Amsterdam. The fun part is that you’re not restrained to one location, but you can go whenever and wherever you like. Whether you love to do bootcamp outside, practice hot yoga or get excited about high intensity classes like tabata.

I tried OneFit  for 2 months and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I get to go to my Yoga class in a good yoga school, but I’m also participating in numerous classes in gyms. Could you imagine the costs if I would do these things separate? Furthermore only high-end sports locations are associated with OneFit, to name a few: Nieuwe Yogaschool, Spa Zuiver, Absolute Yoga, Reebok Crossfit 2.0, Het Marnixbad and Shape all in. So there is something for everyone.

The best part of  this membership is that you don’t have to become a member for a whole year, you can stop your membership every month and you don’t have to pay an entry fee. This is only offered in Amsterdam for now, but they are working on bringing OneFit to Utrecht first and after that they will (hopefully) expand their business to a few more city’s.

It is almost like the Netflix in the sports industry ;-).

| Costs are € 49,- a month.

Get fit with one fit unlimited



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