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5 ultimate beauty basics

Hurraw Lipbalm is one of my favorite beauty products

I’m such a basic person when it comes to make-up. I would not know how to use it properly and I’m always so amazed how other people can make me look so gorgeous with just a dash of make-up on the right place. 

When many of you asked me what kind of beauty products I use on my Instagram page I wasn’t sure how to respond. I just suck at the whole make-up ritual, but I do use a few products. So instead of sharing beauty tips & tricks (There are so many brilliant beauty bloggers out there, I couldn’t compete!) I just wanted to share my personal favorites.

(1) First up is the Argan Day & Night Cream – de Tuinen, which is one of my latest discoveries. It feels really soft, gentle and natural when I apply it and that is exactly what I look for in a day or night cream. (2) The other thing I can’t live without is this moisturizing sunbalm from Hurraw. This amazing brand only uses natural ingredients ánd you only need to swipe it once or twice for it to work. This one even has SPF in it and I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced it (…I have), but sunburned lips hurt.  (3) My all time favorite beauty product -does perfume count?- is Chance Eau de Tendre by Chanel.  I have been using it since I was about fourteen years old and we haven’t parted since. (4) I’m sort of Chanel-obsessed so when someone recommended Les Beiges by Chanel to me I just had to try it and it got me hooked immediately. When it comes to foundation I either buy the wrong color or put it on my face all wrong, but this powder is so easy to apply and it makes my skin look softer in an instant. (5) I love using a flashy color on my nails every now and then, but I can’t live without a transparent top -or- base coat. Esse Gel.Setter is my most recent crush, because it’s super long lasting.

Arian Oil de tuinen is one of my favorite beauty products

Hurraw Lipbalm is one of my favorite beauty products

Chanel Chance l'eau de tender is one of my favorite beauty products
Chanel le Beige is one of my favorite beauty products
Esse is one of my favorite nail polishes

What are your five ultimate beauty basics? Love to know!

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